AP Plus

Become faster, stronger and more powerful than your competition!

AP Plus has been built by a world class team with over a century of experience to help you get the most out of your swimming journey.

A complete solution

AP Plus is a completely new system, designed and built by experts in their respective fields. We have tailored the content specifically to give you access to world-class coaching in all of the areas necessary for developing athletes so that they are equipped to perform at their very best.


We will be helping swimmers to understand what you do in the pool and why you do it. We will also be sharing some of Adam's biggest lessons he has learnt along his swimming journey.

Strength & Conditioning

Through the S&C sessions you will be put through your paces while also laying the fundamental skills needed to perform best in the pool.


It is often said the mind is the athlete, the body is simply the means. We will make sure you can utilise your mind gym so you can smash through your goals everyday.


Nutrition is about eating the right things at the right times to make sure you are fully recovered and ready to perform. We will be guiding you through how to make these great choices everyday.

Parent Support

When you are the parent, taxi, chef and sponsor for your swimmer, it can often be hard to work out how best to support them. We will be guiding you through the best ways to do this and to help you get the balance right.