Athlete of the Week

Every week Adam chooses an AP Race Plus Athlete to be his AP Race Plus Athlete of the Week. To enter just post a photo or video of yourself completing a part of the AP Race Plus Programme to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, tag @apraceplus and #APPlusAthlete

Each week the winner will be featured on our social media platforms and AP Race Plus itself. Good luck and we hope to see you winning AP Race Plus Athlete of the Week soon!

Olivia Taylor


Congratulations Olivia for winning Adam’s Athlete Of The Week! 

You’ve won this week due to following Gordon’s S&C programme so well, you held  great consistency through the bound jumps without taking too much rest and the form on your drop down squat jumps were great! 

They’re one of Adam’s favourite exercises when he is trying to build power and you’re doing an amazing job on them… keep it up!

Congratulations again and keep up the hard work!

Ethan Donovan


Congratulations to Ethan for winning Adam's Athlete Of The Week! 

You’ve won due to your dedication to completing the AP Plus programme, your constant communication with the team to try and better yourself each day and as you can see from the video excellent gym sessions completed with Gordon.

Keep up the amazing work and congratulations again!